Quick Hits: Green Chile Stew & The Kershaw Bareknuckle

Welcome to my test of the Kershaw Bareknuckle, or a thinly-veiled excuse to make stew. Green chile stew, in fact, one of the touchstones of my time in New Mexico. Now that I’m back in the Midwest, this spicy, meaty dish pairs perfectly with blustery winter nights. And what better way to try out the Bareknuckle than with an evening in the kitchen?

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Quick Hits: The Spyderco Pakkawood Endura & The Kershaw Link

If you follow me on Instagram (@JourneywindJunk), you know I stalk… I mean, regularly check in on a gentleman named Nick Shabazz. He’s one of the best EDC reviewers Youtube has to offer, as well as a genuinely good guy. He recently sent over a few pieces of gear over for perusal, including the knives you see below – The Spyderco Pakkawood Endura and the Kershaw Link.

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Review: Kershaw Dividend Knife

Since its initial public offering, the Kershaw Dividend has created quite the market buzz. Its intriguing design, solid flipping action, and American pedigree have many in the knife community screaming “Buy!” But is it a passing fad, or a worthy addition to your portfolio? Here’s my analysis. And, I promise, I’m just about done with the stock market puns.

The Kershaw Cryo: Not for Me

In a first for Journeywind Junk, I’ve decided to return a knife. I know what you’re thinking – “Really? The Cryo? That’s the best budget blade Kershaw makes!” And you know what? I can’t really argue with that assessment. I wholeheartedly endorse the Cryo as a value-conscious EDC knife.