Review: Boker Plus Patriot Knife

With the Fourth of July approaching, it seems only fitting that I’ve been reviewing a slew of American-made knives. This time it’s the Boker Plus Patriot – A beautiful blade that, like our nation itself, has its share of both good and bad. And what better place to explore this dichotomy than the canyons and creeks of the American West?

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Review: Cold Steel Mini Lawman Knife

While some knife manufacturers may fear being typecast by the market, there’s something to be said for knowing your role. Few companies have embraced this idea as well as Cold Steel, who recently offered to send me a sample of their compact tactical folder, the Mini Lawman.

To paraphrase another famous lawman, “Go ahead, Cold Steel. Make my day.”

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Review: WE Knives 706 Knife

Chinese knives have come a long way in the last few years. Many companies have gone from making cheap knockoffs to producing high quality, designer blades. One such group is WE Knives, makers of the gorgeous 706 you see here. Having little experience with the new Chinese products, I eagerly assented when they offered to send one my way.

Review: Wenger Urban Metropolitan Watch

Progression is an interesting thing. After experimenting with mechanical watches, I’ve gravitated back into the realm of mid-range quartz. So when Wenger offered to send not one but two watches my way, I opted to sample an offering from their Urban Metropolitan line. Retailing for around $170, these Swiss-made timepieces come armed with a strong design and longstanding pedigree. But can the form live up to its function?

Review: Kershaw Dividend Knife

Since its initial public offering, the Kershaw Dividend has created quite the market buzz. Its intriguing design, solid flipping action, and American pedigree have many in the knife community screaming “Buy!” But is it a passing fad, or a worthy addition to your portfolio? Here’s my analysis. And, I promise, I’m just about done with the stock market puns.

Review: Wenger Field Watch

What’s the most valuable piece of everyday gear? If forced to choose, I’d probably give two answers – A Swiss Army Knife and a reliable watch. So when Wenger, one of the makers of the legendary multi-tool agreed to send one of their watches my way, I was anxious to give it a shot.

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