Quick Hits: Outside Review Compilation

Hey, everyone! Between working on new reviews for Journeywind Junk, I’ve also been testing gear for two larger website: GearJunkie and BladeReviews. Rather than just linking them on my Instagram, I’ve decided to gather all the articles into one blog post. Check out the list below to read my writeups on several watches, knives, and miscellaneous tools.


Bertucci DX3 Review: No Frills Field Watch

Casio Duro Review

Seiko 5 Sports SNZG15JA Review

Victorinox INOX Review: Adventure Tested


Benchmade Bugout Review: A Hiker’s Dream

Benchmade Mini Boost Review

Benchmade 318 Proper Review: Slipjoint Standout

Cold Steel Finn Hawk vs. Mora Companion Review: Budget Bushcraft

Condor Swamp Romper Review

CRKT SiWi Review: Practical Tactical

ESEE IZULA-2 Review: Bullet Ant Blade

ESEE JG3 Review: My Favorite Outdoor Knife

ESEE PR4 Review: Pure Purpose

Kershaw Atmos Review

Kershaw Concierge Review

Kershaw Hotwire Review: $10 Thrills

Kershaw Knockout Review: Punching Above Weight

Mora Garberg Review

Ontario RAT 1 Review: Big and Burly

Schrade SCHF52 Frontier Review

Steel Will Roamer R300 Review: Hammer, Shatter, Slice

Steel Will Roamer R300 vs. Kershaw Camp 10 vs. Schrade SCHF52 Review: Budget Toppers


Sheffield 14-in-1 Hammer Multitool Review: Cheap Thrills

Gerber Dime vs. Leatherman Style PS Review: TSA Compliant Multitools

Victorinox Rambler Review: Swiss Army EDC


Fiskars Hatchet Review: 14 Inches of Power

TWSBI ECO Pen Review

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