Quick Hits: The Spyderco Pakkawood Endura & The Kershaw Link

If you follow me on Instagram (@JourneywindJunk), you know I stalk… I mean, regularly check in on a gentleman named Nick Shabazz. He’s one of the best EDC reviewers Youtube has to offer, as well as a genuinely good guy. He recently sent over a few pieces of gear over for perusal, including the knives you see below – The Spyderco Pakkawood Endura and the Kershaw Link.

While both of these knives certainly deserve full reviews, time and circumstances have gotten in the way lately. Plus, both of them have sorta been reviewed to death among the EDC community. So rather than bore you with a retread of what you already know, I decided to take a look at the Stats and Target Audiences for these particular blades. I’ve also tacked on my Likes and Dislikes for each, plus the standard purchasing links. Take a look below, and also check out Nick’s Patreon page for ways to support his excellent channel.

Spyderco Endura – Pakkawood Edition


True to form, Spyderco has been tinkering with some of their most popular designs. This time it’s the Endura, receiving a laminated HAP40 steel blade and mahogany pakkawood siding. This adds an upscale feel to a workman-like design. The pakkawood Endura… Can I just call it the Woodura? I’m going to call it the Woodura. Anyway, this is one of the more compelling knives to come across my keyboard in quite some time.  Here’s the breakdown.

The Stats

Blade Length: 3.8”

Blade Thickness: 0.12”

Overall Length: 8.78”

Blade Steel: HAP40/SUS410 Laminated Tool Steel, satin, flat grind

Weight: 4.1 oz

Lock: Back Lock

Target Audience

So, who’s this knife really for? I’ve broken it down into three discernable groups.

Collectors: Do you love all things Spyderco? Well, this is the best version of one of their most iconic knives. If you’ve gotta have ‘em all, the Woodura is a great way to spend $170.

Stylish, Mobile Chefs: Do you like to cook? Do you find yourself in a crazy amount of kitchens? If so, the Woodura is a pretty excellent option. Its blade length and configuration are perfect for slicing onions, tomatoes, and even pairing down meat. Just be sure you’re comfortable using your $170 tool as, well, a tool.

Smooth Operators: If you’re one of those folks who absolutely insist upon carrying a huge blade, then the Woodura may be the knife for you. Its classy exterior will relax some of the raised eyebrows you’d generally encounter when whipping out nearly four inches of steel.

What I Like/What I Don’t


This is a beautiful design, and I strongly considered buying it off Nick. Practicality won out in the end, though. I don’t have a legitimate use for this knife, despite its excellent ergonomics and classy look. Also, I’m not a fan of the pocket clip. Unless you’re going for tip-down carry, the center hole is nothing more than a window to the side scale. For the price you’re paying, a unique clip would have been nice. Still, I’m going to regret sending this back.

Where to Buy

KnifeCenter (Exclusive)

Kershaw Link


The Link, Kershaw? Really? What’s next, the Ganondorf?  Or maybe the Tingle.  Whoops, my nerd side is showing. Video game jokes aside, this is a pretty solid knife. Kershaw came out swinging last year with several new American-made editions. The Link is something of a middle child, positioned between the Knockout and Dividend. Oh, and that mirror edge? That’s Nick’s.  He’s going to convince me to buy a KME one of these days.

The Stats

Blade Length: 3.25”

Blade Thickness: 0.11”

Overall Length: 7.6”

Blade Steel: 420HC, stonewash, hollow grind

Weight: 4.7 oz

Lock: Linerlock

Target Audience

While the Woodura has a rather niche appeal, the Link is a fairly accessible knife. Here are the groups I think would benefit most from ownership.

Functional Patriots: Are you looking for a medium-sized knife with a can-do attitude? The Link is right up your alley. Plus, it’s part of Kershaw’s USA-Made lineup. Along with the Knockout and the Dividend, the Link is a laudable, good-faith offering from one of the hobby’s biggest brands.

Buyers Seeking Bigger Dividends: And you thought I was done with stock market jokes. But seriously, the Link is essentially a beefed-up Kershaw Dividend. It’s got thicker blade stock, a sturdier tip, and a slightly larger footprint. It’s got the same steel and Speedsafe deployment, making it a solid offering for folks looking for a little more.

People Who Just Don’t Care: Let’s be honest – This is a knife for the casual enthusiast out there. Someone who wants to carry a blade, but has neither the inclination to spend a lot of cash nor the desire to own something complicated. The Link fits well in the hand, sharpens easily, and flies open whenever the flipper is pressed. It can be had for relatively little money, with the added bonus of its American pedigree.

What I Like/What I Don’t


This is a solid knife, with nice design cues and a charming point of origin. Unfortunately, it’s also kind of vanilla. Your mileage may vary, but I had a difficult time seeing this as anything other than another Speedsafe flipper. I like the Dividend because it’s so small and slicey. But with the beefier Link, I was left sort of meh. Still, it’s a very nice knife. And if you’re looking for an extra bit of performance, the Link (along with the Dividend) is available in M390 steel through several of the retailers below.

Where to Buy

Kershaw’s Official Website



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