Review: NutSac Mag-Satch Bag

This is my review of the NutSac Mag-Satch, in which I attempt to be as professional as possible. But this bag doesn’t make it easy. Between the quality and hilarity of the brand, containing my glee in carrying this messenger-style bag has been a real ball-bu… I mean, it’s got me twisted. I mean, it’s taken some stones. Oh, hell. Just read the review.



Before beginning, I’d like to take a moment to thank the folks at NutSac for their patience. They sent this bag to me more than a month ago, and I’ve taken my time compiling the review. Fortunately, the Mag-Satch has benefited from its extended stay. I understand this piece of gear far better now than I did at week two. Onward!



Let’s talk size. This particular model of NutSac weighs in at 1.63-pounds, stretched over the bag’s 11×7.5×2.5-inches of waxed canvas and full grain leather. This makes it a bit too small for standard laptops, but certainly big enough to house popular tablets like the iPad and iPad Pro 10.5-inch. You’ve got two color choices: My olive-drab/gray model or basic black. the The leather base is thoughtfully shaped, allowing the bag to stand up when set on a bench or table. Its adjustable strap is composed of heavy cotton, with 360-degree pivoting metal hardware. There’s also a carrying handle stitched atop the rear seam, fashioned from the same cotton and leather found elsewhere on the bag. This position keeps it out of the way of the cover flap.


It’s from that flap that this particular model of NutSac draws its name. Or, more specifically, from the magnets sewn inside. These hold the canvas against the front of the bag, shielding the zippers from impact and elements. The company sells several models with full leather closure straps, but I felt the magnets would be quicker to use.


What can I fit in my NutSac? Why, just about everything I need to make it through the day! There are three zippered pockets for stowage – The main one up top, with a secondary on the front and another at the interior rear. The main compartment also features two open pockets, perfect for notebooks, pens, and anything else featuring a pocket clip. Knives, flashlights, multitools – if you can fit one in your pocket, you can fit lots in your NutSac.

Let’s get one more thing out of the way – Unless you live in a big city, you’re probably going to catch some flack for toting around a “man-bag.” This can usually be defused by joking about the brand’s tongue-in-cheek name and logo, along with a simple demonstration of the bag’s uses. While I’m not a fashion expert, I’ve been impressed with the NutSac’s versatility. It’s just as at home in the lounge of a nice hotel as it is on a stump in the mountains. Sure, your Old-Style uncle might poke fun at you for carrying a “man purse,” but you can counter with the knowledge that your Mag-Satch is hand-sewn in the good ol’ US-of-A. Besides, you’ve got more room for beer in your NutSac than he does in the pockets of his ripped jeans and drooping fanny pack.

5 stars out of 5



It took me a while to learn how best to use the Mag-Satch. Whether it’s my innate lack of style or my tendency to over-pack, there was an adjustment period of a few days. The real awakening came after I gave up trying to pack it as my primary work bag. I carry a backpack onto the jobsite every day, containing what amounts to a mobile office and toolkit. The NutSac (while certainly sturdy enough for the task) simply didn’t have the space to lug all my crap.

So, I decided to adjust its role. I repacked it with a new loadout, designed for after-work, day trips, and weekends. Here’s a look at the repackaged kit, minus a book or two.


This made an immediate difference. Rather than bemoaning what I couldn’t carry to work, I became immediately pleased at what I could carry for leisure. The NutSac Mag Satch stayed on my shoulder throughout four weekend trips, including a wedding and a multi-day excursion to the Salt Lake City Comic Con. It provides space for my backup gear, cleanliness kit, electronic chargers, and comic purchases. It also tagged along on two wilderness treks, serving as an excellent secondary sack. Its rugged construction allowed me to set it on stumps and soil without concern, and its waxed canvas shrugged off rain with no ill effects.

Once I figured out how best to use the NutSac, it turned into one of the best pieces of EDC gear that’s passed through my hands. It rides comfortably on my shoulder, toting extra tools, a simple first aid kit, and all the sanitizing and battery options I need for a trip into the everyday jungle.

5 stars out of 5


If there’s one thing I can say for certain, it’s this: You want a sack with some staying power. Thankfully, the folks at NutSac really stand above… I mean, behind their product. Here’s the scoop, straight from their warranty page:
“Our guarantee is simple: You’ll love your NutSac… If there is a problem with your bag, contact us today. Or, if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can send an undamaged bag back for a refund anytime.”

Beyond this, the quality of the product itself speaks volumes. The beautiful canvas, sturdy leather, and rugged stitching inspire confidence, and the patina it acquires offers a uniqueness all its own. Even the strap, clips, and zippers speak of quality. And if it gets dirty, NutSac advises you to simply hose it off! How great is that?

5 stars out of 5



I’ll be honest – There’s a portion of me that’s uncomfortable evaluating the price component of this bag. NutSac sent me this $135 item for free, insisting I keep it as a promotional sample. This makes it the most expensive bag I own, and one of the priciest pieces of EDC gear ever sent to me for review.

Despite all this, I believe the Mag-Satch is worth every penny. Its quality materials, solid construction, and USA-Made pedigree carry a lot of weight. Still in doubt? Check out their transparent pricing scheme. NutSac tells you, right there on their website, just how they set the cost of their products. It’s a refreshing approach, especially if you’re on the financial fence.

5 stars out of 5

Final Thoughts


I can hear it now. The naysayers blustering, “They sent you a free expensive bag, and you’re giving it a perfect score!” But hear me out, guys.

Look – I tried to find flaws with this product. It even had an extra week or two to get on my nerves. Could it be bigger? Sure! But NutSac offers larger models, so why complain about the as-advertised dimensions? Would I like an exterior holder for my water bottle or coffee mug? Yeah, but that would ruin the aesthetics of the whole package. Could it come in urban-camo with MOLLE straps and a place to stick a Punisher patch? Yeah, I guess, if you want to look like a tool.

I said earlier that this was one of the finest pieces of EDC gear to come through this site. That’s not hyperbole. If you don’t believe me, you can check with YouTubers like Cedric & Ada Outdoors and AdvanceKnifeBro. This is a well-constructed, American made satchel that’s perfect for errands around-town or quick trips to the bush. Just be sure to measure your computer or tablet before making a purchase, and you’ll be set.

Where to Buy

NutSac’s Official Website


  1. I’m a retired cop and carried an edc long before it became trendy. Back in the 70’s it was a briefcase that held reports, ticket books, maps, extra ammo, snacks. Then came along the Duty Bag that stored even more. Anyway after retiring a few years ago I still needed something to carry my edc. I went through a half dozen or so “bags” from half decent brands. They either, ripped, wore, or ended up looking likes diaper bag over my shoulder. So I gave the Nutsac Satchel a go for my edc listed below.

    Phone, camera, sunglasses, FAK, N95 Mask, latex gloves, CPR Mask, Tourniquet, Hand Sanitizer, Notebook, Pens, Pepper spray, Kleenex, Flashlight, Bug Spray, Sunscreen, Emergency Blanket, Hand/Foot Warmers, Work Rated Gloves, Phone Charger, Snacks.

    Well the Nutsac Satchel carried it all with some space leftover. It came in under 4lbs of gear and the satchel carried it well. It didn’t look bulky and more importantly didn’t scream “tactical” {been there, done that}, or “murse”.

    Yes it’s a bit on the pricey side BUT the quality is superb and it will no doubt be the last bag that I will purchase.

    (No, I am not a paid reviewer for Nutsac)


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