Status Update: Upcoming Reviews

Hello, all. As you’ve noticed, the reviews have slowed down over the past month. I figured I’d take a few minutes this Labor Day to address this issue.

First and foremost, let me assure you that the site isn’t going anywhere. In fact, I have two new pieces of gear arriving this week: the NutSac Mag-Satch and the Steel Will Druid 205. And before these writeups, I plan to post a review of the Ruike P801. So, there’s plenty more Journeywind Junk to come. You can also check in with me on Instagram (@journeywindjunk) to see what’s up with the site.


So why have things been slow the past month? Well, I started this site as a way of re-entering the freelance writing market. It’d been several years and I needed current samples, so I figured gear reviews would be a fun place to start. And, as it turns out, the strategy paid off. You can now find my work at places like GearJunkie and AllOutdoor, largely on the strength of what’s been accomplished here. So, that’s where my attention has been lately.

The hardest part about writing for multiple outlets (for me, at least) is figuring out how best to balance your time. Now that things have settled a bit, though, you can expect new reviews with a greater degree of regularity.

Thanks for your patience, and get ready for more Journeywind Junk!



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