Update: ThruNite Ti3 Flashlight

Here at Journeywind Junk, we like to give credit where credit is due. And, since joining our Everyday Carry more than a month ago, no piece of gear has gotten more use than our pocket-sized Ti3 flashlight from ThruNite. It’s been a solid performer on every front, and we felt it deserved an updated evaluation. Here are a few quick notes we’ve taken over the course of its stay.




Do you have a dog? If so, the ThruNite Ti3 is a perfect companion for early morning walks or evening potty breaks. Arrive at work before the sun comes up? This little fellow will help you avoid stumbling blocks on the way to the front door. Or maybe you have an unfortunate tendency to drop other objects behind couches or appliances. The Ti3 has helped us rescue several pieces of our EDC from various tight quarters.


Hand Feel


The ThruNite Ti3 is the most comfortable flashlight we’ve ever used; so much so, in fact, that we genuinely look forward to pulling it from our pocket. The knurling provides a strong tactile grip, perfect for securing between the knuckles. It’s a real pleasure to operate such an ergonomic and well-designed tool.




We’re generally gentle with our gear, but the ThruNite has seen its fair share of wear. It’s handled drops, dampness, and scratches with considerable aplomb. Sharing a watch pocket with our EDC knife has left a few scratches on the surface, but we prefer to consider this as the beginning of an attractive patina. The pocket clip (a problem for other reviewers) has held up well on our model. We did contact ThruNite in hopes of obtaining an extra, and they were kind enough to send another our way, free of charge.


Twist Troubles


As recorded in our initial review, the twist-activation can be a little touchy. Though this quibble persists, it hasn’t gotten any worse. We’ve learned to twist the mechanism further from the “On” position, which largely eliminates the problem. We’d call this more of a quirk than a flaw.


Battery Life

We’ve gone through one AAA, which lasted longer than the advertised half-hour at the High setting. In fact, we intentionally ran the battery down so we could install a fresh one. We have no complaints on the power front.


Bottom Line

The ThruNite Ti3 has become one of the most essential pieces in our collection. Though we do have a slightly larger flashlight on the way (A ThorFire PF04 for our Vanquest organizer), we intend to carry this little light for the foreseeable future. Buy one. Heck, buy two.

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