Who We Are, What We Do

Welcome to Journeywind Junk, a site dedicated to reviewing the simple, useful items we carry through our daily lives. Tomorrow, we’ll weigh in on two popular products – The Fisher Bullet Space Pen and Vector’s Thunderbird 1T Torch Insert, designed to fit standard Zippo lighters.

Each item will be approached from four angles – Form, Function, Future, and Finance. We’ll then assign a score of 1-5 to each category, using information gathered during our test. Here’s a quick breakdown of what we’re looking at.

Form: How does the item feel in your hand? Is it made of quality materials? How does its appearance stack up against similar products?

Function: Can the product do what it’s meant to do? How well does it perform its intended function? What are the quirks of the product?

Future: Will the item last? If so, can how often do we think it’ll come in handy? Is it a long-term winner, or a short term fling?

Finance: How much does the item cost? Is it worth the price, or are there better alternatives available?

In addition, we’ll provide manufacturer’s notes and links to purchase points such as Amazon or company websites.

If you have items you’d like us to review, email us at journeywindjunk@gmail.com, or hit us up on our Twitter account, @JwindJunk. We’d love to hear about your favorite gear.


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